Quality of our products and services is the limiting factor for realizing of strategic targets and business competitiveness. It must meet all requirements and expectations of our customers, it must be planned effectively, implemented,managed and constantly improved in all activities and processes and integrated on all company levels.
Our Priority is to manage important processes to support final quality control of sold products. Quality management system is certified according to the international ISO 9001 standard.
To implement these principles ZVL SLOVAKIA, a.s defined following quality policy:
  1. constantly increase the thrust and satisfaction of our customers with the quality of produced and sold products and offered services.
  2. integrated quality management system must be improved and developed according to the current customer requirements and own needs
  3. develop partner relationships and the cooperation with the suppliers in order to increase the competitiveness of our products and offered services.
  4. ensuring of quality and efficiency of performed work in order and develop prosperity of our company by effective staff motivation and increasing of its qualification.